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            BakerHostetler Announces New Digital Assets and Data Management Practice Group
            BakerHostetler is pleased to announce its new multidisciplinary Digital Assets and Data Management Practice Group which will provide a holistic approach to addressing "everything data." Learn More »
            Breach Notification Law Interactive Map
            The Privacy and Data Protection team launched a new, interactive map providing detailed outlines of data breach notification laws in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn More »
            The Real Deal: Leading the Most Successful Recovery Effort of its Kind
            BakerHostetler leads the highly successful, global recovery effort of Irving H. Picard, Securities Investor Protection Act for the liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff investment Securities LLC. Learn More »


            • By Amy Ralph Mudge, Randal M. Shaheen
              February 20, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Advertising, Marketing and Digital Media, Digital Assets and Data Management
              We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: NAD does not have a great sense of humor when it comes to false disparagement dressed up in a joke. And it hurts our hearts, as at least one of...
              By Ivory L. Bishop Jr.
              February 19, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Antitrust and Competition, Litigation
              On Jan. 28, a federal judge in Florida dismissed without prejudice the nation’s first antitrust suit involving cryptocurrency. The plaintiff, United American Corporation Inc., (UAC)...
            • By Brian P. Bartish, Jordan R. Silversmith, Joanna F. Wasick
              February 21, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Digital Assets and Data Management
              In this issue: • Forbes Publishes Blockchain 50, Cryptocurrency Exchanges Expand 山东福彩app官方下载 • SEC Settles Charges Involving ICO, CFTC Takes Action Against Crypto Investment Firm • Dutch Tax...
              By David A. Carney, Casie D. Collignon, Paul G. Karlsgodt, Christopher A. Wiech
              February 21, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Digital Assets and Data Management , Privacy and Digital Risk Class Action and Litigation
              As we move into a new decade, it has become clear that data breach litigation is here to stay. Last year brought us several incremental developments in the data breach litigation landscape...
            • By Gregory V. Mersol
              February 11, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Employment Class and Collective Actions, Labor and Employment
              Two Centuries of Federal Precedent Given Effect We’ve blogged several times the ongoing saga involving AB 51, California’s attempt to prevent the mandatory arbitration of employment claims...
              By Jacob A. Bruner, Nathan A. Schacht
              February 13, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Labor and Employment, Wage and Hour
              Effective March 16, 山东福彩app官方下载, COMPS Order #36 (the Order), issued by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, will bring about sweeping changes to Colorado’s overtime and minimum pay...
            • February 24, 山东福彩app官方下载
              AZAR TO TESTIFY THIS WEEK BEFORE HOUSE, SENATE COMMITTEES Health and Human 山东福彩app官方下载 Secretary Alex Azar faces a marathon week of testimony, appearing before four congressional committees to...
              By Deborah A. Wilcox
              January 31, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Posted in Intellectual Property, Trademark and 山东福彩app官方下载
              The United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union today. The implementation period runs for the next 11 months, through Dec. 31. During this time, European Union trademark filings...
            • February 24, 山东福彩app官方下载
              Below is the Federal Policy team’s weekly preview, posted when Congress is in session. HEADLINES • Returning from a one-week recess, the House plans to take up legislation to address...

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